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Owned by Local Government for Local Government

The Nebraska Regional Interperability Network (NRIN) system build out is funded by grant dollars awarded to local government for interoperability of multiple communication systems across Nebraska. Local government owns and operates the network.

Governed by Local Government

The NRIN system is governed by individuals from all aspects of public safety.  With public safety a top priority of the NRIN system, members of the Governance group work to make the NRIN system reliable with multiple redundancies built in. 

Cost Effective

The network is owned by local government and in place to provide cost effective communications solutions to government entities across the state.  Some uses include connection of 911 Telephone Systems and  Connection of local dispatch centers to radio systems across the state. 

System Overview

Video of What NRIN is and what it can do for you

Monitoring and Management

The NRIN governance board is currently  working with the Nebraska Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to provide Network Operation Center services as well as monitoring and management of the network. 


A contract  approved and signed by the NRIN governance board with Platte Valley Communications provides centralized maintenance and repair  services to the NRIN network. 

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